Confusion reigns in the sea: sea turtles mistake plastic objects for their usual food, flamingos approach fashionable inflatables and mistake them for their own kind. This is the tragic-ironic theme of this painting.
The jellyfish enjoys an advantage thanks to the plastic bag, while the turtle is left high and dry. The amount of plastic found in the lifeless bodies of many marine animals is staggering. We need to examine our conscience, but most of all we need to radically change our lifestyle and the way we produce our items.
One sign of the pandemic can be seen in the picture: a surgical mask. It is now easier to find in the sea than certain endangered species.
This engraving is the result of three overlapping prints, one for each colour. The entire process is handcrafted and each piece unique.

Dimensions: Height 50 cm, Width 35 cm, counting the white border around it.Technique: Etching and aquatint on intaglio paper Magnani Pescia.Limited edition of 15 copies.Signed by hand. A certificate of authenticity and description are provided. The artwork is delivered with the white wooden frame.

2How does the shipment work?
As soon as you order and pay for your artwork, I will activate to pack it safely and ship it. Shipping costs are included in the price all over the world. Customs fees, if they will be there, are not included in the price. The shipping time is about 14 days, but it depends on where the artwork is destined.
3What if I am not satisfied with the artwork once I get it?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, once received, please do not hesitate to write to me, we will find a solution. It is possible to send the painting back at your expense, the cost of the painting will be refunded in full once it is returned to me.
4Are the artworks limited?
The intaglio prints on paper are produced in very limited numbers, not more than 15.

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