1. July 2021
Exotic meal

Clichés at dinner

Take away something to add a lot!
27. May 2021
Lynx on the dresser, oil painting.

Things just happen sometimes… Naturally!

Making art to convey a message
28. April 2021
Blogger posing with a macaque on the hiking trail in Zhangjiajie, China.

Funny travel moments

Memories that make you smile
25. February 2021
seagulls flying over the blue sky of Istanbul.

A better Future

Change the System
28. January 2021

There is not only poetry in making Art

the cost of a dream
19. November 2020

The wonderful journey of Painting

There are no shortcuts!
8. October 2020

Don’t underestimate our ability to adapt

Being vegan is not as hard as you imagine
24. September 2020

Wonder and Indifference

Love the Animals
10. September 2020

Wild Australia, just like I would like to see every place

Nomads for three months

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