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I created this artwork a year after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and after the publication of the impressive images of Venice and many other cities, empty because of the lock down to contain the contagions. I would like it to be seen as a tribute dedicated first of all to the millions of victims of the Corona Virus, who fought like lions to survive, but unfortunately did not make it. But I would also like to dedicate this image to the many doctors and health workers who have endured, and in many parts of the world still endure, gruelling shifts, like true heroes, to treat and save the too many patients who arrive in intensive care units, no longer able to breathe on their own. The lion is a symbol of strength and courage, and I believe it was the most appropriate animal to associate with these events. With strength and courage each one of us has or still has to face the consequences of this pandemic, we are all lions! This is a picture for all mankind, united in one purpose.

Venice is taken as the background, not only because its images during the lock down were particularly striking, but because the symbol of this city is in fact a lion! The lion of the patron San Marco even has wings. In this imaginary vision of mine, the wings of St Mark’s Lion are impersonated and replaced by a bird itself, a herring gull. Thus another common and iconic animal of the Venetian lagoon enters the scene, a cunning, intelligent and absolutely adaptable bird, all virtues that many of us have had to rediscover in order to overcome this emergency in the best possible way.

Dimensions: Height 32 cm, Width 41 cm, counting the white border around it.

Technique: high-quality print manufactured with accuracy using advanced inkjet printers.

Support: 200 gsm fine art paper, matt, textured.
The gold leaf is graphically reproduced.

Limited edition of 50 copies. Signed by hand. A letter of authentication and description are provided. The artwork is delivered without a frame.

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2How does the shipment work?
As soon as you order and pay for your artwork, I will activate to pack it safely and ship it. Shipping costs are included in the price all over the world. Customs fees, if they will be there, are not included in the price. The shipping time is about 14 days, but it depends on where the artwork is destined.
3What if I am not satisfied with the artwork once I get it?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, once received, please do not hesitate to write to me, we will find a solution. It is possible to send the painting back at your expense, the cost of the painting will be refunded in full once it is returned to me.
4Are the artworks limited?
The original paintings are unique and unrepeatable. The prints on paper are produced in limited numbers.

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