The Blue Ringed Army

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The ability to change the colour of the octopus inspired me to produce this painting which in fact changes colour through LED lights. I chose more precisely a Blue Ringed Octopus because its skin has a particularly fascinating basic pattern. This species of octopus is very poisonous, a characteristic that suggested to me the title “The Blue Ringed Army”: I imagined those tentacles, which are more correctly called arms, like a fatal army.
The LED lights are positioned inside the frame on which the plexiglass panel, the pictorial support, is mounted. The energy-saving lights operate by a cable to the power supply. All the light system is part of the work and is provided by me.

This artwork has already been sold, but I am willing to paint similar works also on commission. Please send me your request on the Contact page.

Oil on Plexiglass

Dimensions: Height 60 cm, Width 80 cm, Depth 5 cm

Year 2020.

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2How does the shipment work?
As soon as you order your artwork, I’ll activate to pack it safely. I’ll let you know by email when I send it. Shipping costs are included in the price. The shipping time is about 14 days.
3What if I am not satisfied with the artwork once I get it?
I like to establish a relationship of trust with my clients. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, once received, do not hesitate to write to me and we will find together a solution that will surely please you.
4Are the artworks limited?
The original paintings are unique and unrepeatable. Prints on paper and canvas are produced in limited numbers. The works produced with Engraving Techniques are printed by hand in a maximum of 15 copies.

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