The image is taken from the original engraving that pays homage to this iconic African species. The accent is on the rhino’s horn which is finished with gold metal leaf. The red spots recall the sacrifice of the animal for man’s belief that the rhino’s horn can heal many diseases.
This print is part of a limited edition of 100 pieces and the metal leaf has been individually inserted by hand on each piece. The gold leaf, therefore, takes a different shape on the horn which reflects the light in each copy differently.

Digital Print on paper.

Dimensions: Height 14,8 cm, Width 21 cm, Depth 0.1 cm

Year 2019

2How does the shipment work?
As soon as you order your artwork, I’ll activate to pack it safely. I’ll let you know by email when I send it. Shipping costs are included in the price all over the world. The shipping time is about 14 days, but it depends on where the artwork is destined.
3What if I am not satisfied with the artwork once I get it?
I like to establish a relationship of trust with my clients. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, once received, do not hesitate to write to me and we will find together a solution that will surely please you.
4Are the artworks limited?
The original paintings are unique and unrepeatable. Prints on paper and canvas are produced in limited numbers. The works produced with Engraving Techniques are printed by hand in a maximum of 15 copies.

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